Listen to the narrative audio stories that Pathogen writes, edits, and produces!

Since 2017, Pathogen (Chase Cupo) has been an amateur voice actor. Starring in productions such as, "Charon," a remake of, "Predator," and upcoming starring roles in the, "Alien: Solara," reboot, and a Star Trek story "The Haaken War." 

Chase has created the Pathogen Presents podcast to serve as a hub for the stories he has written and will write going forward. The feed will kick off on April 26, 2022 with, "Aliens: Colonial Marines. Ice World. Part 2." 


"Aliens: Colonial Marines. Ice World. Part 2" Trailer

A teaser for the first project from "Pathogen Presents"

"Aliens: Colonial Marines. Ice World," is a fan-made audio narrative story that debuted on YouTube in 2017. Originally written by Katherine Kruger (@TheSailingRabbit on Twitter) and produced by the creator of another fan-made audio narrative series, "Alien: Solara." (@AlienSolara on Twitter.) Pathogen starred in that production and now he has written, produced, and starred in this one. Check out the trailer now. Subscribe to the feed and follow Pathogen on instagram (@pathogenlvmusic) for updates on Ice World and more stories coming soon!