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New Album From Pathogen in June 2022!

I started my music career off with a rather large quantity of music in 2021. My first release, "Contact," a single dedicated to the, "Alien," film franchise was released in April. From that day on, I have been writing, recording, and mixing. I released a 5 song mixtape (plus two bonus tracks on YouTube and Bandcamp) in August, a 12 track album in October, and a 5 track Christmas EP in December. Not to mention three singles between and during the writing and recording of the projects.

We have fun with photoshop here

From the moment I realized that I wanted to pursue a career in music, I haven't been able to stop my mind. I go through those very human phases in which I push and push and push... And then burnout. It is way too easy to get too caught up in the process as a lot of us know. That goes with any career, job, or hobby if you enjoy it! Sitting down and writing a series of songs meant to be contained within a specific vision (whether its a true concept album or not) that is my JAM! Right now, my favorite part of the process is that writing and creating. I am currently putting a lot of focus and effort into getting ready to perform live, so I am trying to move further into the world of music. This may be the same in a lot of music scenes, but living in Las Vegas is extremely ironic because every rapper, band, and singer I know has been performing live since the second they started. It's like almost every band has known each other for three months and have been playing shows for two months. They all have, like, one or two singles, maybe an full album, released, but they have a big local fanbase and perform regularly. I just find it funny right now that I, just by nature, I am against the grain in that aspect.

Official "Welcome To My Multi-Verse" album artwork

What does any of that have to do with anything? It is backstory to introduce my attitude and process for making music that will be made even more clear with my upcoming album, "Welcome To My Multi-Verse." The album, set for digital release on June 22, 2022, has a couple of things going on within it. I still have a long way to go, but this album is my best work (overall) yet. I had at least three other ideas for albums after I finished, "Halloween Town Massacre," (hereby denoted as HTM) and going into the Multi-Verse was not any of those. The idea stems, predictably, from the trend that superhero movies are on. Multi-Versal story-telling has a lot of advantages and provides a lot of room for books, comics, and movies. I decided that I wanted to utilize it to test out and show off my skills on different styles of hip-hop beats. Rock, metal, blues, jazz, trap, etc... All show up in some form on this album. It isn't exclusively that though. I am also taking inspiration from other famous hip-hop artists such as Tech N9ne, Eminem, and Nicki Minaj. They (and many others not mentioned, whether they are hip-hop acts or not) have different personas or full on personalities that they use for different songs, eras, albums, etc.. The idea actually formed when I was working on HTM because the cover art and my overall mood when writing the album were very dark. Now, that album does not have the streets running red with blood, but the focus on horror movies and Halloween, and what not kept me in a darker head space (not that I need any help with that.) Still, the cover art and teaser video I released kind of made think of that character as a different persona. Then, in retrograde, my mixtape, "Express Elevator To Hell," became a different persona. "Spread The Cheer," (which was written concurrently with end of HTM and the beginning of Welcome To My Multi-Verse) of course was different persona. So, as I worked on the first few songs of Multi-Verse, I came up with the album title and the whole concept. The last element, which actually admittedly fades away as you get into the album, is having song styles from different periods.

I am extremely excited to share this album with the world! It is in no way perfect. My delivery won't be as refined as it will be in a couple of years. My flows and structure can be tighter. I can't really sing for jack shit at this time, but I tried anyway (and that will also improve). I tried to utilize auto-tune, new and different EQs, I spent more time mixing, (everything except for the opening track was recorded, mixed, and mastered by me) and overall tried to improve my craft. Not everyone will like it, not everyone will hate it. I think it is important that this is put out in the world and can't wait for that morning on June 22, 2022.

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