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"Return To Halloween Town" New Hip Hop Album Streaming Everywhere Now!

Halloween approaches. Decorations are up, movie marathons are occurring. Costumes are being made/bought. Parties are planned. Music is bumping. It's officially spooky season! Another spooky season means another Pathogen release. Three years in a row I have been able to put together a full LP and release it in September attempting to bake it into Spooky Season as it progresses. I am incredibly happy with how the album turned out! Lyrically, technically, engineering, and release... Everything has gone really well so far!

The response has been overall positive, although I admittedly have not heard much from outside my circle... I'll take it though! This is my most successful release so far in terms of number of streams/listens/plays within the first 30 days of existence, so I am incredibly grateful for those who have listened already. Hopefully the numbers continue to grow an I take over the world very soon!

I had the opportunity to perform 8 tracks from the album when I opened at the White Noise EP Release Show Part ii on 10/7/23. Other than a couple slips up on my timing of lines and one or two technical difficulties between tracks it was incredible! It felt great to release these to an audience especially one that had a good mix of people have heard the tracks before and people who have heard zero seconds of the album (or maybe any of my music.) The crowd really seemed to enjoy Monsters Unleashed as the hook is simple, infectious, and audience friendly. I also got a good response from Nightmare and Possession. As I stated above, I haven't heard too much direct feedback about the album, but the bit I have received has been praising the track, Blade Runner, Monsters Unleashed, and Rules.

Pathogen in action on stage at the White Noise EP Release Show Part ii. Photo by Nicola DiPalma
Pathogen in action on stage at the White Noise EP Release Show Part ii. Photo by Nicola DiPalma

So overall, I am very happy with how this most recent album turned out and feel incredibly happy with the streaming numbers/response so far! Listen to Return To Halloween Town everywhere you usually listen to music right now!

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