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Pathogen Now On Indie Amplify!

Yo yo! It's always easy to get in contact with me via my Instagram account (@pathogenlvmusic) or Twitter (@DistortionLocal), but now its is even easier! I'm now on Indie Amplify, available for vocal features! I am down for verses (8, 16, 24 bars... you name it!), choruses, intros/outros, or whatever you need! I can find a flow on a wide variety of beats and styles. Right now, I am only charging $20 per song, no matter the extent of work! Every verse will be written, recorded, and delivered to the absolute best of my ability and it will be done ASAP! So if you, or someone you know, are looking for that extra little something something for your project, book a feature from Pathogen!

Listen to Pathogen's music on your preferred music streaming service worldwide, watch his music videos, listen to his audio dramas, and more! Right here!

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