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Stream pathogen's new EP now!

If there is one thing you can count on me for... It's writing and releasing new music! I typically haven't gone more than 7-8 months before releasing a new project and my newest EP, EDM (sort of) continues that trend! The EP features 7 tracks, clocking in at a cool 12 minutes or so. I have been really excited to do an EDM inspired EP or album for a while now. This project has been in the works since November last year and was originally intended to be a full album... But I deemed my next full album (details in the coming weeks) and the album after that (one nearly done and the other well on it's way to production) to be ideas that I prioritized over this one. I think this electronic-ish music is something I would love to continue revisiting so more EPs may follow over the years!

Artwork for new hip hop music Ep from Pathogen

This one is broken down into a few key sections. Party, We Live in a Society, and Personal stuff. That's about par for the Pathogen course. I am really happy with how almost every track turned out and have really enjoyed the response from my friends/family/listeners! I think VSL is a really fun track and GREAT for live shows, especially in a club. King of The World, Titties, and Crypto are all super fun, Crypto especially being a funny little song. K-I-S-S-I-N-G and Attack of The Clones revel in irony and disdain and then Breaking Mirrors closes the project our strong as hell. Diverse, fast, and clear flows over an incredibly exciting beat combine with a lot of self referential and densely structured lyrics create one hell of a closer (opener for live shows though)!

Tracklist for new hip hop music Ep from Pathogen

You can stream the album wherever you prefer to listen to music right now! Expect three (four including a lyric video if I actually make it) music videos before July 2023 ends!


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