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"Summer Fusion" Concert Announced!

What it doooooo! It's been far too long since, I, Pathogen, have had an opportunity to rock a stage since I last opened for the White Noise album release show in February 2022. Now, just as we did for that afformentioned show, Mad Rabbit Media now presents, "Summer Fusion." On Friday, 6/30/2023 at The Sand Dollar Downtown (in the Plaza) in downtown Las Vegas you can witness the fusion of sounds. Simply put, this show is a blend of musical genres/styles featuring performances by Las Vegas artists. The lineup will feature Chef Pants, Figgy, Pathogen, and Detective Frog. We each have our own unique style, sound, influences, and energy on stage.

One of the posters for the show made by yours truly

Opening the show up will be my friend, Chef Pants. This will be the first time Chef Pants has graced the stage and it will certainly not disappoint. A calm and cool demeanor with his smooth and inviting sense of humor will surely keep the crowd entertained better tracks he performs songs from his most recent EP, "Mise En Place. "

Promo shot of Chef Pants during a video shoot of his

Figgy will take the stage next, marking the first shift in style and sound of the night. Figgy has been involved in the local music scene for a long time now, but recently released his debut alt-rap solo album, "PLANETBUSTR." The project is entirely self produced and clocks in at almost an hour overall. A range of subjects, emotion, and just plain musical range are on diplay on the project. Figgy often has a full band accompaniment on stage, but he can also rock the stage solo as he will do at this show.

Picture of Figgy during a performance that I Stole from his Instagram

Next up on the bill is your boy, Pathogen. I will do what I have done in the few times I've been able to rock the stage since 2022... Get up there on my own with my backing track and raw dog that microphone! My most recent full album will fill most of the time with my more well known cuts such as, Waking Up The Dead and Over Bored. I will also be rocking some new cuts from my most recent EP, EDM (sort of) plus I might give a little sneak peak at the album that will be out this September! Less alt rap than figgy but less traditional hip-hop/rap than Chef Pants, I will be a nice close to the hip hop portion of the night.

Pathogen drunk in Seattle

Closing out Summer Fusion are my very talented friends, Detective Frog. A sort of rare two man act paving their way into the Las Vegas music scene both live and with their recorded material. Their current collection of songs focus on classic movie/theatre monsters and they know how to play to a crowd. Jacob Riddle is on the strings, and may be considered the lead vocalist but drummer and fellow vocalist Ricky Business maintains the energy and together they bring a raw, hot, silly, sexy (like, REALLY sexy) attitude with their signature rock and roll sounds.

Sexy, seductive men of Detective Frog

This show will offer you reprieve from the stupid, silly heat of Las Vegas on a summer night where you can listen to varying degrees of genre and style from some talented and extremely hard working local musicians. This show is FREE! It starts at 7p and you can expect to be out by 10-10:30p. You can RSVP (optional) here!

The main poster for the show also by yours truly


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