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"Summer Fusion" Concert Recap

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

To put it simply, Summer Fusion was a success! The night wasn't always perfect, as most things in the world tend not to be. We had to deal with and figure some things out early on in the night, but once the show got going… It was a blast!

Chef Pants opened up the night with a bang! It was his first time ever performing, but it didn’t necessarily seem like it! His smooth and more traditional hip hop vibes kicked off the night better than he could have imagined and better than even I could have hoped for! Most of his set featured tracks from his most recent EP which the crowd enjoyed, but my personal favorite, “Monaco,” (a previously released single) was a highlight.

Figgy took the stage after Chef Pants and did his damn thing! Figgy has a very alternative style which I don’t think a lot of people were expecting! He truly showed his range by performing for over 30 minutes going through most of his album, “PLANETBUSTR,” which featured hardcore/screaming, singing, and rapping over an array of sounds that are all self produced. He has been performing with a full band recently, but due to some conflicting schedules it was just him and his backing track. It can be a lot to be up on stage alone, especially when your music is conducive to a band, but Figgy had the confidence and ability to take us into his world all by himself.

Figgy performing at Sand Dollar Downtown
A shot (by yours truly) of Figgy duirng his set

I got the opportunity (thanks to… myself, I guess) to rock the stage after Figgy. I opened up with a break-neck pace song, Breaking Mirrors, from my most recent EP, EDM (sort of) and didn’t back down after that. The crowd allowed me to stay up there for just over 45 minutes which was just an absolute blast! I will always be my own worst critic and kind of wish I had multiple moments back… BUT no regrets here I'm thankful I had the chance to perform and for such a great crowd!

Pathogen in his natural habitat
Pathogen in color on stage (cropped screenshot from an Instagram story so poor quality)

Pathogen black and white photo performing
Damn I look badass! Photo by Figgy

Detective Frog closed the night out strong. I don't think you have heard anything like what Detective Frog has to offer sonically. They have the skill and talent as just musicians, but their unique sound (think haunted carnival/rock music) mixed with the interesting subject matter (currently focused on classic monsters/ghosts/creatures/etc.) along with their stage presence and signature humor makes every performance really fun!

sexual tension
Ricky Business in action on the drums (photo by me)

Sexual Tension 2
Jacob singing his HEART out! (Photo by me)

I am absolutely over the moon that Summer Fusion came together how it did! The audience turnout was incredible, the sound and the venue are great (I am so thankful they agreed to let me put this show on), and everyone in the lineup got the chance to go up there and put themselves out there and keep the dream alive.

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