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"Welcome To My Multi-Verse" Release Update

Yo! My most recent album, "Welcome To My Multi-Verse," is streaming everywhere! Released digitally on 6/22/22, the album has been bumping in cars, home, etc., for a little over a month! This is my second album and fourth overall project. I assembled beats from multiple producers online with a wide array of styles and influences including EDM, country/rock, and more. It take listeners on a journey through space, time, and my mind.

The first two singles, "Trick Mirror," and "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades," and their accompanying music videos, continue to make impressions. "Trick Mirror," remains the most polished and exciting visual companion to the album so far.

However, the DIY, budget friendly visuals filmed at my house, usually in one or two rooms maximum with no real setup to speak of, maintain some charm. Due to scheduling and budgetary issues, I have had to do most of my writing/recording on my own, so I produced and release a music video for one of my favorite bops from the album, "Lost In My Multi-Verse."

I also made a lyric video for ANOTHER one of my favorite bops from the album (are you seeing a pattern here?) "Summer of '69."

There is one more video in the works for the final track on the album, "VOID." This is truly my favorite song in my discography so far and I have a concept that I REALLY love for the music video, so it will be a good one. I am making my final big push and marketing and producing content for this album as I am more than halfway done writing/recording my third full album (with multiple music videos [one in the editing stage] and an album release show in the works.)

You can listen to, "Welcome To My Multi-Verse," on your favorite music streaming service, listen/watch on YouTube, purchase digital copies on bandcamp or in the web store (stream and purchase/download.) I also have merch in the web store; My black drip t-shirt and a limited quantity of white, "Halloween Town Massacre," t-shirts. Click here to check out more of my projects:

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